Neal Martin & Associates

City and Regional Planners

Established in 1972, Neal Martin & Associates has withstood significant fluctuations in economic climates and has developed depth and variety of expertise.  We envision keeping our company relatively small in order to continue offering city and regional planning on a personal basis. Our success can be attributed to the dedicated and conscientious efforts of our staff.

 Neal Martin & Associates prides itself on providing certified, skilled planners knowledgeable in a variety of development, redevelopment, and environmental issues and processes. Our strengths include rigorous research, policy development expertise, strong technical writing skills, solid grounding in the legal aspects of planning, strong inter-personal skills within a wide variety of environments, creative design solutions, and broad practical experience.
 We offer high quality work, personalized service, and a practical approach to problem solving. We provide jurisdictions with highly skilled, efficient help on an as-needed basis, eliminating overhead costs and office space requirements, and allowing full-time staff to max­imize their time. We help to assure that the process is accomplished objectively and within the scope of the APA standards and code of ethics.

    We place particular emphasis on:

  • Planning within environmental, social, and economic constraints.
  • Early and continued communication with planning agencies.
  • Planning within a solid legal framework.
  •  Strong commitment to implementation.
  •  Providing experienced planners needing minimal training.
  •  Permit streamlining.
  •  Client Satisfaction.